from some of our online class and course members

" Although I’m doing this at home, I’ve felt very supported and in safe hands "

" These videos are already motivating me to get my yoga mat out most days and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the self-discipline to keep practising without them. So huge thanks from me! "

" The videos are very well presented - you are clear and easy to follow. One of the great benefits that I can see is the fact that I can watch you carefully complete the movement and then go back to practice for myself "

Practice at your own pace

We are all beautifully individual. The practice of yoga is about connecting to and celebrating our true nature.


  • Are any of the courses suitable for Beginners?

    Our flagship 6 Part - 'Developing your own self practice' course is designed with beginners in mind but is also for anyone looking to explore these practices in more detail.

  • I'm not very flexible. Will I be able to do this?

    Yes. It doesn't matter how flexible or not you are. If we can learn to move and breathe in a way that supports us, we will develop strength, stability and flexibility in time. Even more important though is that these practices are wonderful tools for developing an awareness of ourselves.

  • How quickly do I need to complete the courses?

    There is no hurry to complete the courses and we actively encourage everyone to take their time and explore the practices at their own pace. The beauty of developing an embodied practice is that it is a tool for life. Our courses will give you 24 months access to the resources.

  • Do I need special equipment or props?

    One of the great things about postural yoga is that you don't need fancy equipment or clothing. Many people like to practice on a rubber or fabric yoga mat, as this makes it easier to keep your practice surface clean and also portable. Any clean, flat non slip surface is fine though. Props and blankets can be helpful but to begin with, easy to improvise with things you will have already. Clothing should be whatever feels comfortable to move in.

  • I have a very busy life. Do I need to allocate a lot of time each day to practice?

    Whatever time you can dedicate to your own wellbeing each day is perfect. Whether that is 20mins or over an hour. This has to work for you and your life and little and often is so much more beneficial usually than spending a long time practicing and then not being able to keep up the commitment.

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